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Teacher Contact Information:

Daria Doering
home phone: 619-294-6577
cell phone: 619-788-2042

Homework Sites You Will Need

HELP! - extra online writing help

  • Glencoe Writing and Research Handbook - this is well-written and helpful Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
  • Writing Guides from Colorado State University - my favorites Writing Guides
  • Fantastic guides from the UK EnglishBiz
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - lots of help Purdue - geared more toward high school
  • Paradigm Online Writing Lab Paradigm
  • University of Richmond Writing Center Richmond - contains "writing in the disciplines"

Writing Models - get an idea of what to strive for in your writing

  • "Interactive Models" contain helpful notes, student and professional models have the writing only Holt Resources
  • Teen Ink, a print and online magazine of teen writing, is the ultimate source of models - exceptional student writing in almost every category you can think of Teen Ink
  • Extensive library of student writing that has been published in Merlyn's Pen, and hence are models on the "excellent" level. You can search according to type of writing, topic and grade level of writer. Merlyn's Pen
  • Student models of different types of writing, also MLA citations information. The Write Source-
  • Student models of different types of writing at "below average," "average" and "above average" levels Glencoe

Fascinating News & Other Websites to Browse

New York Times Learniing Network - New York Times Learning Network - you can also subscribe to a free daily e-mail of the news in brief
Arts & Letters Daily - Arts & Letters Daily
CNN Student News - CNN Student News
Voice of San Diego - Voice of San Diego- independent non-profit investigative reporting on San Diego
Latinitas Online Magazine - Latinitas - has an edition for teens none
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