Why are we doing this?

  • Need a job? Need to get a problem resolved? Need to get someone to change their mind? Persuasive writing may be the ticket to your desired outcome!

Learning Targets

  • I can write: "pet-peeve essay," persuasive essay, complaint letter, letter to the editor, editorial, advertisement
  • I can identify and use the following advertising and propaganda techniques: bandwagon, testimonial, glittering generality, transfer, card-stacking, loaded language, plain folks, repetition, name-calling, scare teactics, appeal to needs & desires, appeal to authority.
  • I can identify the following emotional fallacies: false authority, false dilemma (either-or), red herring, slippery slope, and sentimental appeals of all types.
  • I can identify the following ethical fallacies: ad hominem (attacking the person), poisoned well, guilt by assocation, straw man.
  • I can identify the following logical fallacies: begging the question, circular reasoning, equivocation, faulgy analogy, hasty generalization, non sequitor ("it doesn't follow"), post hoc (faulty causality).
  • I can define and use the following types of logic: inductive, deductive, syllogism


Persuasive writing planner (graphic organizer):
Persuasive writing rubric:

Argumentation, Persuasion, Opinion - What's the Difference?


Logical Fallacies - websites listed from easier to understand & less complete to harder but more complete
  • Nizkor - click on each fallacy for description and examples
  • Rhetorical Fallacies - succinct two page PDF
  • Stephen's Guide - extensive, with advanced logic topics; click on each fallacy for further definition and examples

Controversial Issues
  • Opposing Viewpoints You'll need to enter your library card barcode number and PIN (last four digits of your phone number, unless you've chanted it) to access this database
  • Public Agenda This organization does independent research on a wide variety of issues - click on "Issue Guides" box
  • Balanced Politics "a website dedicated to balanced, non-partisan discussion of important societal issues"
  • Speak Out See "activism centers" on the left
  • News Batch "Your internet guide to an understanding of policy issues"
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