Why are we doing this?

  • Storytelling is perhaps the oldest art of mankind, and has given pleasure to countless people since the beginning of time. You too can be a storyteller!

Learning Targets

  • I know the simple definition of narrative - "story."
  • I can write personal narratives.
  • I can write biographical sketches and oral histories.
  • I can write short stories.
  • I can incorporate the features of the "narrative writing diamond" to write a compelling beginning, create a problem or conflict, develop suspense, write a fully elaborated climax, and provide a satisfying ending.
  • I can create complex characters and write dialogue.


Narrative Writing Diamond:

Narrative Writing Outline:


  • Don't like writing fictional narratives? How about a parody - make fun of a story by creating a replica, with exaggerations and changes that mock the original. It's a legitimate writing genre. Here are some instructions parody

Compelling Beginning
  • Dialogue
  • Action
  • Question
  • Thought
  • Feeling
  • Riveting description
  • Sound effects
Problem or Challenge
Complications / Suspense
Satisfying Ending


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