Murder Mystery Theater

Why are we doing this?

  • To work on descriptive and narrative writing and drama in a fun way.

Learning Targets


General instructions for murder mystery parties: Instructions

Death of a Vampire

  • Characters Characters
  • Extra characters (who would need to be written in to the script) Extras

Host Party
  • Click on "teen mystery" section
  • Keep in mind that there will probably be 12-18 players, so it needs to be designed for that number
  • Click on options that intrigue you, and compare them
  • Click on "details" button for a synopsis
  • "Click on "try" to create a free account that will allow you to view more information
  • You will have to re-create your free account for each game you want to try (as opposed to logging in, which will keep bringing you to the first game you tried)
  • Clicking on "characters" will give you the most information

My Mystery Party
  • Click on "Teen Mystery" section
  • Has extensive teen, Halloween, and non-murder themes

Night of Mystery
  • Has parties for larger groups and one teen theme
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