Choosing Books

  • "Teen Reads" - a terrific site: Teen Reads
  • List of Bests - links to lists of prize winners in many categories - List of Bests
  • Best-Sellers NYT
  • California Department of Education recommended reading CDE
  • Julian Charter School core literature JCS
  • Lit Lovers has links to several lists of "The Hundred Best" books Lit Lovers
  • Oprah's Book Club! Why not! Oprah
  • Amazon reviews - I rarely buy or even read a book - a major investment of my time and perhaps money - withot reading some reviews by "ordinary people" on I find these reviews more helpful than anything else in determining how good a book is for my purposes - enjoyment, practical, or learning about the world. I also write reviews on Amazon, particularly when not many others have reviewed a book.
  • "Living books" approach - external image msword.png [[file/view/Handout - Living Books.doc|Handout - Living Books.doc]]
  • Recommendations from friends - a good conversational question to ask a person of any age is, "Have you read any good books lately?" It's also likely to get you some useful book recommendations!
  • Book stores - you're likely to find books that will excite you, since that's what book stores are designed to do - sell books! (Of course I would visit a bookstore, write a list of the books that interest me, and then check them out from the library - it usually has them.
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