Why are we doing this?

  • "Journaling is to writing as bench pressing is to weight lifting" (Somebody said something like that, but I've lost the exact quote.)
  • "Journaling is being yourself on paper."
  • "Journaling is where writing is born."
  • "Read every day, write every day."

Learning Targets

  • I can be observant, like an artist, and write about the little things and small moments in life, as well as the large ones.
  • I can write reflectively, not just about what happened, but how I think and feel about it.
  • I can write honestly, about my doubts, fears and failures as well as my joys and successes.
  • I can write with voice, recording my own unique reactions to the world, in my own style; not what everyone else seems to think or says.
  • I can make journaling a part of my life and write daily, ideally.
  • I can strive to record my thoughts immediately, while they are fresh in my mind.
  • Journaling assignment


What is journaling? (the following applies mostly of personal journaling)
  • A "diary" is a record of what you do each day. A "journal" is a way of exploring your thoughts and feelings ... having a conversation with yourself ... processing your relationships and experiences each day.

Benefits of Journaling

How to Journal - General

Types of Journaling and Online Resources

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