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Why do we care about this?

"The integrated study of grammar offers these benefits:
  • Creates a common, precise vocabulary with which to discuss writing, language, and various texts ...
  • Helps writers and readers troubleshoot complicated or flawed sentences ...
  • Increases writers' choices ...
  • Establishes and reinforces the standard of correctness ..."
      • Jim Burke, Writing Reminders

Learning Targets

  • I can define the parts of speech - verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, interjection.
  • I can determine the part of speech of each word in a sentence.
  • I know the parts of a sentence - complete subject, complete predicate, simple subject, simple predicate, direct object, indirect object, prepositional phrase, appositive, etc.
  • I can diagram simple sentences.
  • I can edit for agreement: subject-verb, etc.

Grammar Games


Brief Definitions

Sentence related
  • phrase
  • clause
  • independent clause
  • dependent clause
  • subordinate clause
  • compound sentence
  • complex sentence
  • appositive

Parts of speech related
  • antecedent - what a pronoun refers to

Verb tense related
  • participle
  • gerund
  • Cartooons "English Tenses with Cartoons" website
  • Literary Present Which tense to use when reviewing literature.
  • Tense "Tips on Knowing Which Tense to Choose When Writing"
  • Present "Present Tense Books"
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