Grade 9

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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Chapters 1-3
1.Identify: Atticus Finch, Jean Louise (Scout) Finch, Jem Finch, Maycomb, Calpurnia, Charles Baker (Dill) Harris, The Radley Place, Stephanie Crawford, Arthur (Boo) Radley, Miss Caroline Fisher, Walter Cunningham, and Burris Ewell.
2.What did Dill dare Jem to do?
3.What was Scout’s first “crime” at school?
4.What was Calpurnia’s fault?
5.Why did Scout rub Walter Cunningham’s nose in the dirt?
6.Scout said, “He ain’t company, Cal, he’s just a Cunningham.” What did she mean by this, and what was Cal’s answer?
7.What two mistakes did Miss Caroline make on the first day of school?
8.Why didn’t the Ewells have to go to school?

Chapters 4-7
1.What did Scout and Jem find in the Radley’s tree?
2.Identify Mrs. Dubose.
3.How did Jem get even with Scout for contradicting him about “Hot Steams”?
4.What was the Boo Radley game?
5.Identify Miss Maudie.
6.What does Miss Maudie think of the Radleys?
7.Why do Dill and Jem want to give Boo Radley a note? What does Atticus say when he finds out about their plans?
8.How did Jem lose his pants? What did he find when he went back for them?
9.What else did Jem and Scout find in the Radley’s tree?
10.Why would there be no more surprises in the tree?

Chapters 8-9
1.What happened to Miss Maudie’s house? What was her reaction?
2.Identify Cecil Jacobs.
3.What “disaster” happened at Christmas between Scout and Francis?

Chapters 10-11
1.What did Scout’s Uncle Jack learn from Scout and Atticus?
2.What brave thing does Atticus do in Chapter 10? Why are Scout and Jem shocked?
3.What did Jem do when Mrs. Dubose said Atticus “lawyered for niggers”?
4.What was Jem’s punishment?
5.What did Jem learn from his encounter with Mrs. Dubose and following her death?

Lord of the Flies

Chapter 1
  • Complete characterization chart for Ralph and Piggy.
  • How is Ralph and Piggy's relationship portrayed?
  • What sensory details do you notice?

Chapter 2
  • What disasters happen in this chapter?
  • What is Jack mainly interested in?
  • What is Ralph mainly interested in?
  • What advice does Piggy give?

Chapter 3
  • What conflict develops between Ralph and Jack?
  • Why are shelters needed (three reasons)?
  • What fear is present, although talking about it is avoided?
  • How is Jack changing?

Chapter 4
  • What kind of life do the little'un's lead?
  • Why do you think Jack attacked Piggy?
  • "Not even Ralph knew how the link between him and Jack had snapped and fastened elsewhere." Why do you think the link snapped? Where did it refasten?
  • How did the boys kill the pig?

Chapter 5
  • Why is Ralph dissatisfied?
  • What realizations does Ralph have about intellect and leadership?
  • How does Ralph's attitude toward Piggy change?
  • What are the main points that Ralph makes at the meeting, initially?
  • What are Jack's main points at the meeting, initially?
  • What do the little'un's do at the meeting?
  • What does Ralph mean by saying things are "breaking up'? Why does he feel that way?
  • How does Jack behave toward Piggy?
  • How do Ralph and Jack's attitudes toward "rules" differ? What do you think?
  • What are different people's attitudes toward "ghosts"? How does it change during this chapter? Do you think you would believe in ghosts in a similar situation?
  • Why is Ralph afraid to blow the conch after the meeting breaks up? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

Chapter 6

·Background: There has been a battle going on nearby – this is the time of WWII.
·What made the “ghostly noise” mentioned on the first page?
·What happens in the first pages of the chapter? Who or what is the “figure”?
·What is the significance of, “Now the circle faced out, not in.”
·How does Jack try to gain control?
·What new amusement do the boys find after climbing the mountain?
·Why do the boys seem to not care about keeping a signal fire going?
  • How do Jack and Ralph reveal their characters?

Chapter 7
·What point of view is this book told from?
·What is Ralph musing about in this chapter?
·What did the boys do to Robert? Why do you think they did it?
·Why do you think Jack decides to climb the mountain in the dark? Why does Ralph agree to come also?
·What do they find on the top of the mountain?
·How is Roger’s character further developed (described)?
·What is causing the beast to move?

Chapter 8
·What makes this chapter a turning point of the book?
·Why does Jack claim that Ralph is not a proper chief?
·When and how do Jack’s new followers join him?
·How come they can no longer keep the fire on the mountain lit?
·Where does Piggy suggest building the fire?
·What is Jack’s solution to the beast’s existence?
·What does it symbolize that Jack chooses a sow who is nursing piglets to kill?
·Why do you think the boys think it is funny to mimic the sow’s trying to avoid being killed?
·Why do you think they decide to “raid” to obtain fire?
·Why does the “Lord of the Flies” get its name?
·Why is Ralph scared?
·What effect does the body paint have on Ralph?

Chapter 9
·Who finally has the courage to look carefully at the “beast” and determine what it is?
·How does Piggy’ behavior change while bathing, and why?
·How is Jack treated within his new tribe?
·What resolves the silence and tension when Ralph and Piggy visit?
·What does Jack say about the conch?
·How has the “chant” changed since the previous chapter?
·What does Simon try to tell the boys?
·What happens to Simon? Why do you think it happens?
·Do people do things in groups that they would not ordinarily do? Why?

Short Stories

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

The Chosen

Literature Units for the Year

Book, Author
Approximate Dates
Lord of the Flies by William Golding
RL: 8.9
City - WMA download
County - 60 books, 24 on CD
(read by author)
August, September
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon
RL: 5.4
Audible, 6 hrs
County - 16 books, 5 on CD
City - 17 books, 14 on CD
(British accent, good on CD)
September, October
The Chosen by Chaim Potok
RL: 6.6
Audible, 10.5 hrs
County - 19 book, 2 on CD
November, December
The Six Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make by Sean Covey
JCS book
December, January, February
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (abridged)
RL: 9.8
Audible, 12.5 hrs
City – MP3 download (12.5 hrs, burnable)
March, April, May
The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer
RL: 5.1
Audible, 7.5 hrs
County - 16 books
(easy read)
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
RL: 8.6
Film, JCS book
March, April



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