Why are we doing this?

  • To make learniing even more fun, duh!


Jeopardy game template

external image [[file/view/Jeopardy Game Template.ppt|Jeopardy Game Template.ppt]]
How to input questions and answers:
  • First, save the template under another name (so template is preserved)
  • Then, insert your questions and answers in place of the "Column 1, $100" and "Answer 1"
  • Remember that the "questions" are really answers, and the "answers" are really questions; that's why you need to write all the "answers" in the form of "what is ..." of "who is ..." and so on (question format).

How to play:
  • Click on a question.
  • Try to answer it.
  • Click on it again for the answer.
  • Click on the little "house icon" on the lower right to go back to the game

Crossword Puzzle Maker

  • Go to Crossword Puzzles
  • Click on "criss cross" (that's what they call it)
  • Input your clues and answers

Flash Cards

  • Go to Flash Card Machine
  • Create a free account for yourself
  • You may find or create flash cards

Flash Games

  • Go to Flash Games
  • Create graphic rich games using Flash templates!