Media Options

  • For most literature assignments, you will have the choice of checking the book or book on CD's out from the library, or downloading an audiobook.
  • Audiobooks are downloads that you listen to on your computer or a portable device (iPod, MP3 player, BlackBerry, etc.)
  • Most downloads are available from the county or city library system, while some are only available in limited number from Audible Audible, a service Mrs. Doering subscribes to.


  • Audiobooks are available in two formats: WMA and MP3. MP3 is the only format that will play on iPods (despite the library claiming that WMA will play on iPods), in my experience.
  • WMA format audiobooks can be downloaded to your computer and listened to on the computer.
  • Both the county library system (of which Pine Valley is a member) and city (San Diego) library system subscribe to the Overdrive download service. To use Overdrive, you download the Overdrive software to your computer, and use it to download Overdrive audiobooks. The drawback of Overdrive is that you usually have to place a hold and wait to "check out" audiobooks. Thus it will be difficult to obtain a book when the class is reading it.
  • A better option is the County's NetLibrary audiobook service. The downloads in NetLibrary are always available, so there is no waiting.

Downloading Audiobooks from NetLibrary

Find and check out audiobook
o Go to county library website:
o Click on “downloads” (left vertical menu) and then “audiobooks (net library)," and sign in with your county library card number
o Search for the audiobook you need
o Click on “download this e-audiobook”
o Click on “checkout & download CD quality”

FIRST TIME ONLY - create personal account
o Create a new account - click on right button (this is an account for NetLibrary only – it is different from your regular library account)
o Write down your username and password in a safe place

Continue check out
o Log in
o In the “one-click download” box, click on “portable device” (if you want to listen on an iPod or MP3 player) or “my computer” (to listen on your computer)

FIRST TIME ONLY – download Net Library software (if you want to download at home)
o Scroll down and click on “install media center”
§ Your computer needs to meet certain requirements and have certain updates before media center can be installed
o If it turns out your computer did not have the required updates, repeat this whole sequence, but click on “get your PC ready for the media center” (just above “install media center” button)

Download audiobook
o Plug your portable device into your computer
o Click on “start the e-audiobook download”
o Close pop-up to download to Word
o Ignore “check out failed” message
o Go to Net Library Media Center
§ Click on “My Stuff”
§ Click on “checked out items”
§ Click on book you want to download
o Download will start
§ It is very slow!

Import download into iTunes (to transfer to an iPod)
o Find where audiobook has downloaded to by going to “my stuff” tab, clicking on “preferences,” and then “file location”
o Start iTunes software
o Click on “file” and “add file to library”
o Browse until you find the downloaded files
o Select them all and copy to iTunes
o Synch iTunes or drag files into iPod menu item on the left